Concert and event photos

Apologies; I’ve found it necessary to remove some photos to speed up access to this page, as it has become slower over time. I will of course add new pictures as I perform, but will attempt to keep the page loading at a sensible speed. Thanks for visiting!

Screenshot from the ETO streamed performance of Bach’s St John.

A newspaper article saying nice things about my voice. 😊Kent Youth Choir. See if you can work out which one I was.

This is perhaps the letter which I have been most proud to receive!

A newspaper article detailing my entry and finalist position in the UK Songwriting Competition.

  • A concert programme from Somerset, with Viv Lynham and Sarah Cunningham, where we mixed up the classical with some jazz.
  • Having a clear out, and found some stuff from the dark ages! This was the cover of a tape of some ballads I wrote.
  • One of a series of photos taken in Beverley Minster.
Photo courtesy of the associate Vicar at Beverley Minster.
With NICE in Mappleton
Selfie with Siri Chongchitnan who played beautifully.

At Humber Street for Absolutely Cultured

Siri, Hana and Graziana playing Juno and Ceres. 💜

Mappleton church concert by NICE, the New International Chamber Ensemble, featuring Siri Chongchitnan, Hana Drábková and Graziana Presicce playing instrumental arrangements of my songs.

bardcode concert 2019 in Catton Village Hall with Elaine and Graziana; photo courtesy of Brenda Sutton.

One very excited chorister!

On the way to Germany on the Minster Choir tour.

Upcoming concert in October. Please share!

Recording in York University 

Allegoria in Lockington Allegoria visiting Allendale to sing bardcode music. 

May’s upcoming concert in Lockington church. 

Beverley Minster Choir tour to Lemgo. 
Blue hair, raising funds for the choir tour to Lemgo, Germany. 21st October, and off we go!

Scorborough Church, the Byrd Four.

At Sledmere House.
With Robert Poyser, Edward Lock, Saul Phillipson, Elaine Dave and Mervyn King.

Singing in the Minster.

(Adam Lay Ybounden)

(In Dulci Jubilo)

 The ‘Four Candles Christmas Quartet’ spreading cheer in Beverley. 

       Singing in Beverley Minster in October 2014, with Soprano Elaine Dave, featuring Sue Horridge on violin and Robert Poyser on piano.